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topic posted Sat, November 17, 2007 - 3:21 PM by  Remi Love
I have a declaration to make: I love the idea of teasing/flirting with a Scorpio man. It's dangerous but I don't care because I love playing with danger.

A courageous Gemini girl
posted by:
Remi Love
New Jersey
  • Oh? What could be dangerous about us scorpio men? Too intense for you?

    You love the idea, but do you love the actual thing?

    ~ A (dangerous?) scoprio man
    • It's dangerous because it's fun. I think that flirting with any guy, regardless of his sign is dangerous. Excuse me for my lack of clarity.
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        it's dangerous because to us flirting is a superificial frivolous activity and it may spark stinging it at your own peril....HAHAHAHA
        • I think vengeance, vindictiveness, dangerous, stinging and so on are way overused in relation to Scorpio's. Using these contexts of Scorpio's bitching, whining, condemning, making you feel a uncomfortable or sad, put dog's poo in your shoes, etc too much and they seem to become very insignificant and could possibly make Scorpio's seem like annoying bastards *Shrugs*

          Just my 2c
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      Where does "Coyote" come from? Is the "coyote" your animal spirit?
      • Anyway, is everyone here soo excited about Thanksgiving?! I CAN'T WAIT!! I haven't been home in 3 months?! I can taste my mom's cooking in my mouth right now. Yummy yummy.
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          O c'mon Remi, you can do better than that.LOL
          • I do not want to argue with a Scorpio. Last time I did it, I realized that I had better things to do than to argue with his ass. I am better than that. You don't want to see my nasty side. Bobbi, I bet you do. lol. But let's change the subject, shall we? What is everyone cooking this Thanksgiving?
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              was I arguing? ah. My bad, I thought I was stating a common fact. Change the subject eh, Remi? why, is your mind wandering? ;)

              Thanksgiving, ah yes, at least I won't have my Taurus girlfriend this year, so there may actually be something left for me to eat this time.....OOOOOOOO damn. that was mean. I'm in a stirrin up mood tonite, so bear with me *BIG MICHIEVIOUS SMILE*
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                Gemini's have a side to them other than nasty? hmmmm...what'dya know, learn something new every day. ;) ;) LOL
                • Nooooooo. You are not arguing with me but if we had continue our conversation, it would LEAD to arguing. Secondly, arguing with people will show my sarcastic side and I do not need to be sarcastic and rude....... Anyway, is it going to snow where you guys like at? I know that in Massachusetts, it is going to snow a little bit.
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                    a gemini who doesnt want to be sarcastic or I may like you Remi. If so, your the first Gemini I've ever appreciated. ;)
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              I'm not arguing, I'm playing, or flirting or teasing if you will. *smiles*
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                And anyway....I never argue. I am either right or wrong. I make my statement and descussion is usually over and usually by the other person's choice. I do however, love a good debate and with all due respect to myself and the other person's opinions. Philosophy is always welcome and respected as well.

                On the "thanksgiving" subject, Not what I'm doing this year. Waiting for the fucking sagitarius asshole of a soon to be ex to write me permission to take my kids to CA with the man I love. Like that's gonna happen. Hmmmm, let's see...Should I say yes and miss my kids or should I say no and let her go with the man she loves to Sunny California. Could go either way. LOL LOL I'm going out to have a shot of something straight. See you later :)
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                  he has to write permission? what a ridiculous joke. That really sux, Bobbi. See, if the world would just implement my laws of justice there wouldn't be issues like these popping up....


                  Those who violate the sacred trust and bond of marriage or a committed relationship shall be tortured for 48 hours straight until they are screaming and begging for the release of death. Then they shall be dismembered and chopped into tiny pieces and fed to stray dogs.....

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                    yeah, we have to write permission for the other or(opposiong council) as they call it to leave the state with the kids. As far as your law goes. That would be too kind. He be setting his own judgment for himself.

                    No snow here in Arizona. Just went for a bike ride, stopped at Chili's for nachos and a few Margaritas. All is good. Going to watch Lone Star State of Mind and the Berbs.

                    Later Gaters :) :)
      • For 20 years a yoni of the earth in the heart of the Great Cedar Swamp of Westborough Massachusetts has been my abode. I come from experience.

        "Coyote" is a warning (and a promise?) of all that is the trickster, "Sequoia" is a promise (and a warning?) of all that is an ancient oversized protective denizen of the forest. Which do you want? Not that you have a choice.

        Willy Coyote
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          Ahhhh, A scorpio who owns the coyote for his animal totem. I have one of those!

          When you are tricked into seeing that what you think you seek, is only to see yourself from a different direction is powerful thing and moves you through the "gateway of a change of perception".

          Magnificant! *smile*
  • Here's a shock.

    A Gemini wandering into a Scorpio forum to stir something up.

    And changing the subject of the thread within 10 replies.

    Methinx the lady doth feed from attention.
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      That's not a shock at all but more of a given. Sometimes folks need something for the psyche that they aren't even aware of. Anyone who has come here in the past who is not a scorpio will tell you of their experience (or not). However, if someone needs an inner reconciliation with themselves, this is the right place to come. Smart move on Remi's part. I'll give her that...and with all due respect and good intentions. *smile*
    • Oh you have not meet Remi befor ....she is here a lot ...she wants a Scorpio in a big way *wink* a big way (lol)
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        Oh yeah, I've met her and again I quote...

        "When you are tricked into seeing that what you think you seek, is only to see yourself from a different direction is a powerful thing and moves you through the "gateway of a change of perception". *wink wink*, but seriously. *smile* (lol)
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          hey Bobbi, about animal totems, do you believe it's possible to claim more than one animal as your own? Because for me it would be the soul of a Cougar and the ego-personality of a Snake....
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            Most definately! Some people have one and some just are so open to the universe that are visited by many in their time of need. I am of many, mostly of winged nature. I don't think animal totems are to be claimed. I think the person is. Have you been visited by a couger or snake? Cool!!!
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    Im sorry... But if they can tease me... Fuck that shit... Ill tease the hell outta them... Danger only comes from what is unknown....

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      It is all outta love!

      If that Scorpio... cannot figure that out... Well then why are you being naive to even bother?
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        That is a Scorpio who is his own worse enemy... and inflicts more pain towards himself...

        Alot more then alot of people could even imagine :S.

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