Virgo and Scorpio Combo

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For those scorpios who have had relationships with Virgo, whether romantic or just friendship, would you mind sharing how it is/was?
Share the pros and cons, and also tips to make things smoother.

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    Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

    Thu, September 11, 2008 - 9:25 PM
    anybody would like to share?
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      Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

      Fri, September 12, 2008 - 7:53 AM
      I think my replies got deleted
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        Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

        Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:13 AM
        u should put them back up. i've read somewhere else about ur virgo ladies. its good stuff
        • Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

          Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:15 AM
          it's a sextile and it works, but don't just be thinking sun signs
          • Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

            Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:16 AM
            it's also been said that virgo is merely a scorpio wannabe when it comes to perfection
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              Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

              Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:18 AM
              And... what does that make a pisces? ;-)
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                Fri, September 12, 2008 - 10:41 AM
                "And... what does that make a pisces? ;-) "

                very lazy . . . knowing that perfection creates itself and that we are only capable of diminishing it
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                  Fri, September 12, 2008 - 10:46 AM
                  but don't get me wrong, virgo does a lot of good work. i should have said that virgo (a mutable sign) isn't as OBSESSIVE about making things "right" as fixed sign scorpio can be.
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                    Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

                    Fri, September 12, 2008 - 10:48 AM
                    I suppose my last post was confusing...

                    The bottom post was from sean, and my reply was above it.
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                    Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

                    Fri, September 12, 2008 - 10:49 AM
                    scorpio sextile to either virgo or capricorn is a powerful combination, either within a chart or in synastry
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                Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

                Fri, September 12, 2008 - 6:36 PM
                I always thought it was the opposite way.... Pisces want to be Scorpios.

                Maybe it is from being the Crab, a personal sign.... and the other two on top that I notice that.
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                  Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

                  Fri, September 12, 2008 - 6:58 PM
                  "I always thought it was the opposite way.... Pisces want to be Scorpios. "

                  Well I'm a Pisces, and I've never wanted to be a Scorpio (no offense to anyone here lol :)). I mean Scorpios are cool and I love them and get along with them well, but reading descriptions about Scorpio women (how they usually prefer to be dominant, etc..) I'm just glad I'm a Pisces female who is happy to let my man be the dominant one in the relationship :D (I'm sure there's many Scorpio women who are happy to not be Pisces though either haha :))
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        Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:31 AM
        No hands on experience with Scorpio/ Virgo coupling, but I have noticed my Scorpy friends get along well with Virgos..

        and quite frankly because my life's obsession is a Scorpio it's hard for me to imagine or should I say stomach him combining well with any other sign other than a Cancer/Leo sun, but that's my problem .. and I do have Venus is Virgo, so yippie!

        I have read that Virgo will see the compassionate side of Scorpio quicker than any other sign, and that Scorpio protects Virgo.

        wait let me go get that exerpt..

        "Others may fear to plumb and probe Scorpio's secret nature and mantle of mystery, but Virgo has a curious, exploring mind, and although he or she won't reach up and rudely pull off Scorpio's mask, a gentle attempt will be made to uncover what is hidden from view. Virgos are somehow not as frightened or in awe of Scorpio as other Sun Signs often are, since Virgo frankly respects Scorpio's own critical and analytical abilities. The Virgin will frequently make a conscious effort with an Eagle, to avoid controversial matters before they become actual disagreements, for a couple of reasons. First, Virgo trusts Scorpio to be as careful and cautious as he (or she) might be - also wiser, more sensitive - and so the Virgin's believe that there's every possibility Scorpio's views may be the correct ones. Second, Virgo has already calculated the percentage possibility of winning a battle of wits with the Eagle and has decided there's not much of a chance, at best. Further, the Virgo man or woman is acutely aware of the almost certain unpleasant results if Scorpio is goaded too far or unnecessarily challenged - and unpleasant confrontations are counterproductive to their common goals. ('Counterproductive' is one of Virgo's favourite words.)

        Virgos are enormously practical about such things. It's this level-headed quality which makes Scorpio smile on the Virgins. They are nice, sensible sorts… smiling, bright-eyed, and polite creatures to have around, in no way a threat. In some indefinable manner, Virgos seem to calm the Pluto spirit - and where Virgos may cause others to feel jumpy, or to feel slightly guilty for not being perfect around them, they have the opposite effect on Scorpio. In truth, Scorpios often feel strangely loose and relaxed in the presence of Virgo. It is not small feat to make a Scorp feel 'loose.'

        This is a 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, blending the Earth and Water elements. Translated from the symbolic to the real, this means Scorpio will somehow feel that he or she has 'found roots' in an association with Virgo - and the latter will have a strong sense of being enriched in many ways from the Pluto contact. In some unexpected and unconventional way, Virgo will quietly and unobtrusively help to bring about Scorpio's hopes, wishes, and dreams - also social success, prestige, and standing in the career or community. Scorpio will open Virgo's mind to many new vistas of thought and progressive theories, bringing to the Virgin an easy communication of ideas. Relatives of one or the other may either introduce the two of them, or be prominent in some way, at some time, in the association.

        More than any other person (except perhaps Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn), Scorpio can check Virgo's tendency to worry and sulk, with the result that Virgos seem calmer, more tranquil, less restless and jittery around Scorpio. The two of them do have a distinct beneficial influence on one another, as compared to the eerie (Scorpio) and disquieting (Virgo) effect they each are capable of having on others. If their Moon Signs or Ascendants should happen to negatively aspect in their mutual charts, there will be, of course, less beneficial influence, more irritation and tension. However, it will only continue for a brief period under normal circumstances. Scorpio is not one to suffer silently - or for long - before firmly proposing a change in attitude, and then demanding a dissolution of the association if the change is not forthcoming. Virgos don't linger long either, after they've been disillusioned. Like the Cheshire cat and old soldiers, both of these people can just fade away, and never return.

        Whether they're thrown together as relatives, siblings, parent and child, friends, or lovers, they have certain traits in common which will open doors of understanding between them. For example, both Virgo and Scorpio know their individual assets as well as they know their liabilities. Neither of them will either undersell or oversell himself, or herself. They each know their own talents and capabilities, without being egotistical over the knowledge. They're both equally aware of their shortcomings, of the limits of what they may expect from the inner self - and they won't go beyond those limits. The typical Virgo will never be found passing his or her luck beyond prudence, and the same is true of Scorpio. When an Eagle takes a big chance, you can be sure that here is one confident Eagle! (But he will have figured the percentages carefully.) Scorpios can be wrong now and then, but they're right more often than they miscalculate. It's a quality Virgo admires and respects. Being a Mutable Sign, Virgo will neither be envious of, nor will seriously compete with Scorpio - who senses this right away, which is one of the reasons Scorpio can relax with these people, and let down the defense bars this man or woman (or child) uses against other Sun Signs. There is no need for the Eagle to take excessive self-protective measures with the Virgin (except maybe a pair of earmuffs, for when the nagging starts).

        Virgo will never agree with another Sun Sign's description of the Scorp as ruthless, cold, and dangerous. This is not the way Virgo sees the Eagle at all. In Virgo's eyes, the Pluto person is warm, generous, and protective - as well as sympathetic and compassionate. Nor will Scorpio normally allow anyone to put down Virgo by calling the Virgins picky, fussy, and nervous. How can this be, when Scorpio is always cooler than usual (and that's pretty cool!), plus more peaceful, when a Virgo friend, relative, or mate is near? You must be talking about someone else, not Virgo. Once a tie between these two has been established, the Virgin will usually receive the full force of Pluto's protective powers, and will enjoy as well Scorpio's fierce loyalty, given to those who have earned it. If anyone tries to harm a Virgo who's already won the devotion of a Scorp, that person is warned to back away while there is still time. There's something gentle and defenseless about all Virgins, male or female, and when the Scorp sees someone verbally or otherwise preparing to attack or abuse this courteous, helpless soul, the Eagle will step in to turn all the energy of Pluto's power against the attacker, who will seldom fail to retreat - unless it's another Scorpio, with the Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius, who has hurt the Virgo. (In that case, Virgo should leave town for a few days, rather than get caught in the midst of an exchange of Pluto force between two Scorps, neither of whom will back down until one is declared victor.)

        The less evolved Earthlings born under the sign of the Virgin are sometimes capable of biting sarcasm and bitter verbal expression. Indeed, an occasional caustic (but cauterizing!) criticism is actually Virgo's one and only, their single, flaw. But you'll never convince them of this. Virgos believe they possess every flaw and defect to man - or woman. You name it, they'll plead guilty to it. Yet, even a self-effacing Virgo will seldom go so far as to owning up to a charge of selfishness. No accusation could be more unjust. These men and women have a compulsion to serve, in one way or another, every Earthling who crosses their path. Unselfishness is engraved upon the very heart and soul of Virgo - these sometimes cranky, but more often polite and always willing-to-be-helpful people who bring their graceful and gracious ways to bless our troubles.

        If I were you, I wouldn't ever dare to call them 'selfish' within the hearing of a Scorpio who has experienced the gentle devotion of a Virgo over the years. That would be an extremely unwise thing to do. "

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          Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

          Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:34 AM
          This was in the other tribe:

          Re: Scorpio and Virgo
          Today, 8:03 AM
          See? I know what you mean, because the worst criticism and judgement to me has come from Scorpios. The only time that I've ever felt the way you describe below was due to a Scorpio. I wonder if we both can dish it, but can't take it? My best friend is a Scorpio and sometimes I feel as if I'm under a microscope with her.

          Most of the Scorpios I've dated have made me feel that way at times, and then at other times it's as if they know me and understand me better than anyone else on the entire planet.

          To look across the room and see my boyfriend's eyes on me and to see him mouth the words "I love you", makes time stop for those brief seconds, and I want to stay in that moment forever. In his eyes, all of the doubt in life, or in myself, or in our relationship seems so insignificant, and our bond is the only thing there is. Whenever I start to feel "virgoesque", I remember those times, and whatever nit-picky thing I had in my mind fades...

          new post
          Re: Scorpio and Virgo
          Yesterday, 10:26 PM
          in response to: Re: Scorpio and Virgo
          Kaylee, I think that scorp and virgo have potential for very deep bonds. But, I know that I didnt like being critisized virgo style, though. When that happens, I feel like I am being judged or controlled. It is a painful thing to have your personality and quirks pointed out as flawed or imperfect in a very judgemental way by someone whom you protect and at the same time,have opened yourself up in a vulnerable way because of intense loving and trust.
          I always thought to myself that they mean well deep down and just get in these moods. Perhaps they just weren't aware.

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    Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

    Fri, September 12, 2008 - 8:14 PM
    Thanks folks.

    Well, I have a Virgo friend and I do notice that we click so well when it comes to intellectual conversations. We can talk on and on about life, the world, you know, topics like that and I love this!

    One thing is that I don't feel a strong emotional-mystical connection with him as I have felt with other water signs. Of course I may be biased because every time I meet a water sign I expect to have the mystical connection, it usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Also, I don't know if we have not achieved this connection because we have not opened ourselves to it....he is not emotionally ready to be in a relationship (he got burned in the past) and I am too afraid to show my vulnerable side. So, we don't shout our emotions. Mind you, that there have been times when we have touched upon the connection and I feel, maybe there is a possibility that Virgos and Scorpios can have the mystical connection I am talking about.

    Other than that, let's see...We always try to resolve discussions without letting them escalate. We are funny...we really get along pretty well as friends.

    Before meeting him, I was pretty stuck with water signs as being the best for me but.....I have realized that sometimes I do get irritated by the overemotionality of some water buddies. I am talking about the lack of practicality some water people possess: feeling too much.....and getting too emo about things. Oy!
    I don't know if this has to do with the fact that I have a taurus moon and my ascendant may be taurus, I am not sure. My Virgo sun friend has a virgo moon.
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      Re: Virgo and Scorpio Combo

      Fri, July 24, 2009 - 3:43 PM
      Virgos are known as peace-lovers (or sometimes cowards ready to do anything to avoid scraps, their programming tells them "it´s not right", even if it is). But there is some kind of let it be-alarm mounted in most scorps also, contrary to the lore about old Scorpys hostile nature. Scorpios in general will try to "defuse" potential conflict situations, and are prepared to go rather far to do it. Already angered Scorps often look for small reasons to rekindle the flame, but the sign is really misunderstood when it comes to initiating hostilities.

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