Scorpio - Strengths and Weaknesses

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Just wondering, this is a tribe presumably filled with people with Scorpio strong in their charts.

What would your opinion be of the what the strengths and weaknesses of the sign are. I am a firm believer that no sign is perfect and all signs have weaknesses. At the same time no sign is a burden or is 'evil' or is 'bad'. All signs are merely different.

For me the strengths of scorpio is a strength that is looked upon poorly by society and can, in its extreme, become its weakness - scorpio can be the lone wolf. I think it interesting that of all the signs Scorpio is often found to be 'forced' alone in some ways - there are feelings of isolation with this sign because perhaps of being too intense, holding too tightly or being seen as 'taboo' or 'undesirable' in some way. Whilst as an extreme this is definitely not an easy thing for anyone to shoulder, it strikes me that in balance this can be a hugely strengthening quality - character building as they say. Scorpio, more so than say Leo, can survive all by itself. It does not need the applause of an audience nor does it need the opinions of others. Of course it craves these things which is why you see so many Scorpios involved in theatre, but it does not need them like other signs do. Life's lessons has taught them to survive on their own, whether they like it or not.

How many here have been 'isolated' in some way or another? What are the other strengths of Scorpio and what are the weaknesses? It takes courage to admit a weakness, is Scorpio a courageous sign?
I think Aquarius may share some of the feelings of isolation too btw, it is not solely Scorpio's domain, but how each react to that is very very different.
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  • Scorps generally don´t appreciate "dissecting"; would a talking tiger sit down on the sofa, pour some tea & start confessing that that certain hairless spot on it´s stomach actually is rather vulnerable for claw-swipes? I doubt that. It´s a perfectly relaxed topic for twins & "diluted" scorps like Virgo, but the Great Survivor often balks when things start too feel a bit too...trusting. But hey, they wouldn´t be as tough as cockroaches otherwise! (no disrespect there, roaches & nuke-wars walk hand in hand, ok?) I will heed the talking tigers advice & just focus on the strength. In my view Scorpys biggest asset is the ability to make QUICK, QUALITY DECISIONS under heavy fire: that´s what ultimately makes him the Boss. A Virgo will reach the same conclusion, but much later after many "hmm":s & "well, let´s see now..."
    • have to think this over..yes scorpios make better leaders than name in my native tounge in Kalonasahaniwaya..which means Raven blue wolf.
      the lone wolf..I hate being the lone wolf..wolves are social I had one as a friend..never to be called pet.
      anyway wolves in my culture are the teachers/ this the same as a scorpio in a scense? scorpios go where angels fear to tread..Ihave heard that many times before
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        Actually, a Scorpio can be dissected, but, it must be done in a respectful, non-accusatory manner and
        if they actually take and heed the fruits of said dissection, they will not acknowledge it was anyone's idea
        to do it, but their own.

        I see where you are coming from with regards to being a lone wolf.
        Another reason why they retreat into this is they come to depend on no one else
        but themselves. Whether it's learned that they cannot trust someone to be there for them
        or instinctual.
      • "scorpios go where angels fear to tread..Ihave heard that many times before "

        Few can hope to descend to Hades and emerge from it. Scorpio naturally lives there but can have difficulty in leaving there and entering the 'mainstream world'. Going deeper into the caves of the earth is how Scorpio finds itself. The only other signs to mange it well are the signs of Mercury - Virgo and Gemini - who, in very different ways to scorpio and each other, can manage to descend to Hades and still leave again. Most other signs - particularly Leo and Libra - would struggle to even find the cave let alone walk into it. Of course I'm not talking sun signs here, but the signs generally whether they be strong in your chart by Sun, Moon, Asc or other aspects etc etc. Of the two Mercurial signs I think Virgo is more likely to descend into their 8H or Hades due to the more magickal associations of Virgo and Persephone. With Gemini it's more a choice I think. Gemini is the guide to the underworld much like Castor and Pollux were - but they do not dally there like Virgo might and Scorpio cannot help but do.

        Has anyone ever had any affiliation with Totems? I was not familiar with them until learning the Tarot. One night it all just clicked - I had been learning from books in a typical bookish Air sign fashion when something just opened up for me. I dreamt of a desert plain - me a hunter. In the Sky a massive owl swooped over head. It was almost a game, who would catch who first. In the end I took out one of those weapons where you blow a dart along a hollowed stick. It hit the owl and immediately the horizon was split with bright light and a massive image of my box of tarot cards appeared in the air - opened by itself and the cards fluttered out and into the air in a kind of fountain whilst diamonds, gems and other precious stones erupted from it to either fall at my feet or swirl in the air around me. To my right stood the owl, seeing me with my own eyes and some part of me knew then that the owl was an aspect of me. I've never knowledgeable enough to 'decode' this dream but have always associated it as a kind of initiation into the Tarot and acknowledgement of the Owl totem.
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          crow is my medicine (totem). he tells me before people die. he tells me when god will visit. while i was having my pictures taken the other day, the crow watched and lauphed at me. crow never lies. likes shiney things.
          • "crow is my medicine (totem). he tells me before people die. he tells me when god will visit!"

            That's interesting. I sometimes 'smell' death. Its not an actual smell, more a memory of a smell or a sensation of a smell. It happens for a few weeks and then something or somebody dies. It happened consistently for three weeks before my grandad died, it happned for several dies before our cat died, and again when my dog died. Weird one.
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              ah, santissima del muerte.

              the scent of death is something i can spot in all its forms. Scorpios have a natural affinity with the alchemical process of putrefication for prima materia. i know the dead smell. i dread it. The flesh does scent its impending destiny.

              did you see the end of the movie 'Perfume", when the gorgeous man creature was eaten in the very place he was born? i always thot you looked like the main character.
        • "Has anyone ever had any affiliation with Totems? "

          Oops forgot to get to my point!
          I ask because of the association I made with the 'wolf' and Travis made with the 'crow'. I would wonder are these kind of totems for people. This in turn might shed light on the personality of the person and their strenghts and weaknesses.
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            hidden knowledge in the night.

            silent flight.

            have you ever had one fly close enouph for its wings to disturb your hair? especially at night on the full moon with a snow covered landscape..
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              its intresting,my ol partners bird used to be red tailed hawk.

              a whole bag of red tail hawk feathers showed up last night on my doorstep.

              im going to make my wings soon. You will know when i fly over. Really.
            • "have you ever had one fly close enouph for its wings to disturb your hair? especially at night on the full moon with a snow covered landscape.."

              No but I've had one fly out of a tree about three foot away from me. Was actually terrifying tho if I'm honest. lol
              I was young then tho and I don't rmember the moon. It wasn't snowy though. But was wet.
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                there were three owls that lived in the trees over our cabin in the winter time. i would go out and have a cigarette and talk to them, impersonate their call. i did it so well, yet with a musical 'filagree' twirled on the end - so that curiousity got the better of them, and they would swoop me silently to see what i was. it was under 12 inches from my head. many times too. they are utterly cool birds. Watch out for them wet owls... they will get you.
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                  what deck of cards do you use? i am very good with tarot.
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                    "what deck of cards do you use? i am very good with tarot. "

                    I use the Rider-Watie deck - I find Thoth too 'heavy handed' or something. Thoth seems to sear me with its intensity or leave me feeling quesy afterwards. I know other swear by it tho but it has never really agreed with me. Rider-Waite is more gentle with me! I haven't tried Thoth in a long time though, so maybe things would be different now.
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                      i collect decks, so i have lots. i even had one of the first few hundred gold guilded salvador dali cards. you know the pictures.

                      did you know i held this card, and 4 others from this set:

                      i can see you with a waite deck. i used to read crowleys for years, till they almost fell apart. i made a living for years reading cards. today i use the new orleans voodoo tarot:
                      • "did you know i held this card, and 4 others from this set: "

                        whoa that's pretty cool!

                        my first rider-waite deck - a colourful version by juliet sharman burke - is pretty much falling apart now, have had it for six years and someone without my permission used it when they were drunk and staying in our house and left the cards lying on a table that had been wet from the condensation of beer cans. Now they're kinda flaky and falling apart when I use them.
                        • What´s the real story behind the Hermits card: quiet introspection or sinister warlock?
                          • "What´s the real story behind the Hermits card: quiet introspection or sinister warlock? "

                            Personally I see the Hermit as experience. He is the fool all grown up and much wiser.
                            Whereas the fool card has the man young and using his stick to carry his baggage (which holds him down) and his pet (a dog) is playfully and guilelessly either following him or egging him on toward a huge drop - in the hermit the same man has grown in experience and wisdom. He is no longer weighed down by his stick carrying his baggage, he now uses the stick as a staff to help hold his weight, rather than weigh him down, and to test the ground. His eyes are no longer cast to the heavens blindly, but shewdly inspecting the path. In several decks there is a serpent guilefully slithering on ahead to help inspect the terrain. Whereas the fool needed the sun (ego, outer world) to offer light, the Hermt carries a lamp with the symbols of wisdom and personal illumination the hexagram inside. The hermit is more 'concious' person and is more self aware and does not need any external stimuli to offer englightenment, englightenment comes from within and from his own power of illumination. I like to imagine the fool as being similar to saturn, in that through experience comes growth. Where as the fool is more about initiation and being incarnated, the hermit is more, for me, about the experience and lessons of incarnation.

                            the Fool looks around him for illumination and insight, the hermit looks within. There is no longer the idle curiosity of the fool, but the deeper search for knowledge and answers.
                            It's interesting you ask because for me, the hermit represents Saturn-Mercury combined, which I think I've said before to you is what I symbolise Virgo as. I always feel that Virgo should be co-ruled by Saturn. There are other interesting esoteric links you can make to this card of course - we might see the lamp the hermit carries - the contained sun - as being indicative of the potential of 'fertilisation'. Of course this restrengthens the links to Virgo. The expressive and bountiful forces are somewhat contained, much like the 'dynamic' between the expansive sephiroth of Chokmah with the containing and 'manifesting' principle of Binah if you're familiar with the QBL. The serpent at the feet of the hermit which I mentioned is often present in most decks might actually be compared to the sperm questing forth either. Depends on what 'layer' you want to look at things.

                            The hermit is one of my favorite 'characters' in the major arcana. Of course they're all the same character, merely different phases of the journey.
                            • Hermit is represented by Virgo!


                              "Represented by Virgo, the Hermit is a card of introspection, analysis and, well, virginity. This is not a time for socializing; the card indicates, instead, a desire for peace and solitude. Nor is it a time for action, discussion or decisions. It is a time to think, organize, ruminate, and take stock. There may be feelings of frustration and discontent during this time of withdrawal. But such times lead to enlightenment, illumination, clarity.

                              In regards to people, the Hermit represents a wise, inspirational person, friend, teacher, therapist, someone the Querent usually sees alone, someone the rest of the Querent's friends and family may not know about. This a person who can shine a light on things that were previously mysterious and confusing. They will help the Querent find what it is they are seeking.

                              Thirteen's Observations

                              One of the important things about this card is that the Hermit is always shown on the move. He's never locked away in his reclusive cell, he's always out wandering, searching. That, to me, is a Virgo. I'm married to one, I know. The Hermit is the restless mind of the Virgo, always gathering information, analyzing, making connections. Virgos are skeptics, and if anyone is going to stick a lantern into a dark place and take a good look at what's going on, it is a Virgo.

                              The Hermit is a card of connections and enlightenment. Combined with a desire to just "be alone," the Querent who gets this card is probably feeling impatient with people who disturb their peace or who can't see what they're seeing ("Are you blind?" might be their refrain, or, more typically, "You just don't get it, and I can't explain it to you."). In typical Virgo fashion, they're likely to be grumpy and anti-social. But for the Querent (if no one else!) this is a special time. Like an artist who hides for days then emerges to paint a masterpiece, this quiet time allows all the pieces to fall into place. So go ahead and encourage them to go on late night drives, long walks, hide in their room or go on retreat for a month. When they come back, they'll see everything in a brand new light. It'll be the best thing for them, and for everyone else in their lives. "
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    • "It´s a perfectly relaxed topic for twins & "diluted" scorps like Virgo, but the Great Survivor often balks when things start too feel a bit too...trusting."

      Fair enough, it's just worth knowing yourself what they are if even you do not openly admit or discuss them. It's always worth recognising your weaknesses, without doing so you can never set about fortifying them and learning from them.

      "Scorpys biggest asset is the ability to make QUICK, QUALITY DECISIONS under heavy fire: that´s what ultimately makes him the Boss"

      Scorpios do act well under heavy fire. Its almost like its a more natural way - things not going well and without a plan. Whilst other signs squawk and either rush about like a headless chicken or stay stupefied in shock, Scorpio is up and assessing the situation. The only other sign who does this as well (and sometimes better in fact) is Aries. Aries takes hold of a situation excellently as well. I'm inclined to believe that Aries is more likely to take charge of the masses, whilst Scorpio is more likley to take charge of itself and its friends/family/immediate surroundings. Maybe its the influence of mars that drives them take action in serious situations whilst others are busy wondering what's gone on.
    • "In my view Scorpys biggest asset is the ability to make QUICK, QUALITY DECISIONS under heavy fire"

      Joakim, I have never thought about that before, but as for survival AND quality of life (both a preoccupation to us introverts), that is SO true!
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    '' Life's lessons has taught them to survive on their own, whether they like it or not.''

    Yup. Very true. Its lovely being enlightened (cough cough). i don't know that admitting a weakness is courageous, so much as its been a long and tirrrrring day, and one doesn't have the energy needed to evade and throw shiney objects for peoples attention, for to get. I sure do not like the lessons that life has given me, but, oh well. I'm still here to grumble about it all. and you know what? some people do treat me like an evil and tempting lucifuge petit. People need a little devil to get them thru the day.

    I've been isolated all my life. I've taken that kinda as the norm for my life. I didn't like sports, blah blah.... grew up with very rural people, never fit in, read tarot cards at school, tattoo'ed people, had an occult shop, a perfumery... but i have always been alone in my works and such. When i am comfortable, then you obviously know it. But i don't do new group social interaction stuff well. People still seem a tiny bit weird to me, no matter how many years i have lived around them. So clever and so stupid, all rolled into an enigma, stamped 'special delivery'. :) The two 'job' functions in which i am successful and people are confident in me are health care(natural medicines) and my religious activities field. I'm not sure what i would do with a whole group of friends all at once, in a room. that would be so creepy. sometimes i feel lonely, but then i realize that there won't be a whole lot of people around. So i have the energy to spend on other 'arcane' pursuits, which satisfy the alchemist and philospher parts of me. I guess my chiron is 'beaming like a yodeling tibetian lama'. ahem. But, i have always been there, at times of death and departure. Thats why i claim crow as medicine - always seeings whats going on right before everyones eyes, and yelling the news around occasionally. Crows also - functionally - are the watchers in the woods. crows always tell of intruders first. They are taken as an omen of evil, when crow is the protector of the people, from outside forces. He yells alot, but, he will always tell you when danger is coming, in enouph time for you to run or get a grip. Not always palatable, but good for you anyway.

    the thing that i have noticed with life tho - being isolated - i always have the feeling like i am always right in the middle of the happening world. even if i am on a mountain top, i always know and sense when the world has a wobble in its elipse, so to speak. The quieter it gets, the more in the middle of the universe you become.

    i had an aquarian girlfriend once, and she very much, felt isolated from the world, i could see it in nearly every way. She is a lovely girl.
    But never beleived it unto herself. we ate lsd and made love with abandon. Passionate girl. ground rose petals. But she always wanted to be part of large groups, and have a commune/consensus thingy. We agreed passionately about what makes a stud a stud. She joined an extreme religious group for her validation. I think it was what she needed. Always wish her the best.
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