Scorpio sun with Gemini Moon and Rising

topic posted Tue, November 1, 2005 - 9:18 PM by  Randi
Anyone else have this? All my secrets that I try to hold in come exploding out. I have two sides warring. One side says to not tell anyone anything, and the other half says 'hello everyone, here is everything I know'. ugghh, gets annoying at times.
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  • Well, I have Gemini sun, Scorpio Moon and Scorpio Rising. I have the same problem. Since your Sun conjunct my Moon and my Moon conjunct your sun, we must have a special conjunction. One side is like, "fuck everyone" and my other side is like " Hi, everyone. Raise and shine. Today is a new day to learn!"(Hence the sarcism). So it is weird u have a Scorpio sun and Gemini moon and I have the opposite. Weird.
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    Well, my Sun is in Scorpio, Moon in Gemeni, Ascendent however is Pisces.

    Its a curious blending. I try to view the gemeni moon as an asset ( i really do try ) which helps to maintain some objectivity on my deeper emotional, subjective & empathetic qualities / tendencies.
    This can come in handy with selfexamination, transformational processes & ending of relationships.
    Sometimes, often, though, i enjoy silencing the gemeni moon for the pure watery nature of my feeling.
    Yes, I empathize with the highly introspective, patient, cautious nature which can also come off as secretive (though for me at least id say its more selective with whom i open then actually secretive usually) , that will suddenly start talking & revealing away with people. Its kindof funny when reflecting on it in a detached way sometimes, like an observer floating above myself watching the conversations. Even the ones when theres no one else around. But me and my twins. And their twins... Oh God! Hush!

    --- Aaaahhh, - the silence ... thats much better....

    The gemeni i notice often kicks in as a testing roadway almost in some personal relationships - do i want to let you in more? Who are you? Lets have mental foreplay, if we both like how that feels... then the banter releases the gates into the bottomless scorpionic waters....
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      "I empathize with the highly introspective, patient, cautious nature which can also come off as secretive (though for me at least id say its more selective with whom i open then actually secretive usually) , that will suddenly start talking & revealing away with people"

      - Ooops, I meant to say ... introspective nature... of scorpio, and then the gemini that will suddenly start talking...

      And gemini is spelled gemini, not gemeni isnt it?.
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        I can relate, scorpio sun, moon in pisces but libra rising and libra mercury...some days I am like "F**k" them they don't get another chance but then if I talk to "them" insert anyone who has supposedly let me down, slighted me or somehow made me wary of them, once I hear what they say and I can communicate back all my scorpio hold them up against the firing wall backs down.
        I like to think of it like this:
        When I need it, my scorpio sun preserves me, keeps me surviving, meaning, when stuff really goes down that is bad, I can deal with it by removing myself from the situation.
        But my Libra and my Pisces is what comes out when people need a understanding or advice...God knows I can talk just as much as listen!
        Either way it's all good...
        maybe it's about self acceptance...personally I think a gemini/scorpio combination is totally savvy, smart and super hot....maybe it's just me...but I think Gemini's are often very pretty (Marilyn Monroe was one of them) and extremely smart add scorpio to that with all the sexual allure and depth and wow!
        • "personally I think a gemini/scorpio combination is totally savvy, smart and super hot"

          any difficult combo, if you can pull it off, is potentially a hot aceivement. Gemini/Scorpio is often seen as one of the most challenging ffor either side. 3 cheers for your courageous take on it.
    • hmmm.....i too am a scorpio sun with a gemini moon and pisces rising..... but i was born in 1969.....(otherwise i'd say i'd met my twin)...... i have to say, i often feel like a psychic sponge.....i think the gemini moon helps me to make sense of all of the emotion that i both exude and take can make me overintellectualize my emotion, though, and i often end up talking myself out of things.....i do think it makes it easier to express my otherwise secretive nature though......
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    talk alot? think out loud? my daughter has gemini moon
    with scorpio rising and we drive each other crazy.

    that's an interesting placement, tho...never seen it.
    • Do anyone with Gemini sun, scorpio moon or any other air sun sign/water moon sign combination are caught in the middle? Sometimes, I hate it. Geminis and Scorpios are always misunderstood but when u put them together, u get a complex person inside.
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        complexity is good, it's the many different colors in a rainbow, layers in an onion, design to a painting etc.
        Maybe your gemini feels the scorpio part is too heavy/intense or maybe your scorpio feels unsafe with all the gem communication...but again, I think it is a very strong placement.
        We all have challenges.
        My bestfriend is a double Leo but her aquarius rising often makes her feel conflict in being the true lion and roaring or just stepping back, chiling out, seeing the big picture and just being a friend as with her Aquarius - and not to forget her mercury in virgot that is like "yes, that's quite an accurate assessment of my feelings..." hee hee.
  • I can relate to this - I have scorpio moon and venus and gemini rising and mars in gemini (my cap sun hardly gets a look in!). I am v intense when it comes to personal relationships, but unlike the average scorpio moon i do always seem compelled to verbalise it endlessly and i feel the need to share my oh so penetrating insights into our relationship (and i am currently in one with a gemini and just starting to realise how challenging indeed gemini/scorpio can be..)

    On the plus side, i think a gemini/scorpio combo is also intensely powerful in a creative sense and that it does make for a interestingly complex personality and i wouldn't want to be any other way...
  • I'm a Scoprio sun w/Gemini Rising. Sag moon. Don't know how the moon affects me yet, but yeah, the Scorp/Gem confliction is quite a struggle now that I think about it. I never used to think about it. I just thought I was an odd Scorp. I would say that in my early years, I was very Scorp - secretive and mysterious. But as I get older, I see the Gem coming out and I mumble weird stuff and tell people things they shouldn't know. You know how harsh Scorps can be. Well the Gem affliction just pukes it all out in the open. Yuck. Something that I'm getting to be more and more aware of these days.

    • Mercury-ruled Virgos also have a foot in each camp. Problem: scorpian paranoia vs. open, friendly mr Do-good! But I´ve retired that latter fella & chosen the tight-lipped path. I don´t trust talkers, I heard somewhere that some scorps really dislike blabbermouths, many would prefer hand-signs! They are right. Many things can be taken care of with a few words. But Mercury is a show-off, most folks with that engine under the hood REALLY ENJOY to verbally thrash opponents or flex their cerebral muscles in front of an audience. And I still remember the mad anger I felt as a kid when adults put me in my place with fancy talk I couldn´t respond to, due to youthful ignorance. The library then, for some years, became some sort of mental "martial arts"-training; I was quite determined that NO ONE should be able to patronize the Virgo! (subconsciously of course, I didn´t know xxxx about zodiac-stuff).

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