Scorpio's Saying I LOVE YOU

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I'm an Aries, if I love you I will say I love you, its my nature. How easy it for a Scorpio I wonder?
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    The experience with my scorpio ex, we knew one another for several months before we actually spoke to one another, I was in a relationship at the time. Once I broke up with my gemini ex, several months later after the sting wore off of the end of a relationship, the scorpio man persued me. Once we began talking, he said 'I Love You' about a month and a half after that, while we were friends and still getting to know one another. He said when he first saw me he fell for me. He was direct and forthright, and it seemed to be easy for this particular scorpio man.
  • In my experience, Water folks will tell you they love you if they do. It's hard to keep that "bottled up" if you know what I mean ;)
    • Ron,,Yes Indeed,, :)
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        Its easy For Scorpios to say it because we're passionate and demonstrative.
        • Optimus.. "Its easy for Scorpios to say it because we're passionate and demonstrative."

          That my work for you,,but for me.. it is a much harder row to hoe,, have been lied to too many times,, when it was said it did not hold up.. and has almost always been not a true sentiment nor intention, been burned too many times,, so IF and when I will ever say that again , it will come with all due indepth knowing everything no holds barred,, or else the deal is off,,I am over being treated with disrespect.. it has got to full on Dignity, Respect, Honor, Honesty. Trust.. ya Know?? I am gatting too old to play any dumb ass games,, Just bring your game to the table or don't bother me..
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            I understand what you say, Miss Phae.

            I too, have a bunch of filters a potential love must pass before I commit to the words. I dont just give it away. I only say it if I mean it.
            But once I have established the bond and feel safe, I shout it out for the world to hear and get all passionate and constantly sexin'.

            I have been through a couple of bad burns myself, but I always remember how happy I was when in love and I am always ready to take a risk on someone I have a good feeling about. I am a Scorpio Sun but have alot of Sag. in my chart. I am also born on the year of the Boar.
            Kinda makes me optimistic and depend on my gut feeling on people. It has gotten me into some stupid involments and I have suffered damages, but I have also been through enough that I recover faster and set out on meeting new people right away. Most of the time I am right and have had beautiful soul bonding relations. Thank God that My Scorpio side helps me stay a little suspicious and I dont get burned the same way twice. I am also thankful that some ladies have taken a chance on me and we had beautiful relations.
          • Miss Phae intoned:

            <Just bring your game to the table or don't bother me.. >

            Many don't have the guts to even make it to the Scorpio's "table". If you do, then it's put up or shut up. Never met a single Scorpio Sun who is interested in wasting time.
            • '' Never met a single Scorpio Sun who is interested in wasting time.''

              • '' Never met a single Scorpio Sun who is interested in wasting time.''

                and that's one of the things I love about them! :D

                they don't waste their time or yours.
                • > Passion isnt a can bring you to your knees, but never a downfall <

                  absolutely, Taryn.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    This to the point quality I concur with. Mostly it is a trait which I find very worthwhile and naturally helpful. Yet this same quality can apparently feel cold to some people at times, even people I care for when I do not intend to come off cold or uncaring to or about them, I am realizing more lately. Though I do feel loving usually even when being focused on the core or truth of the moment as it were. Lets come from and communicate simply the uncluttered truth, and moving on now....
              • Flint, "Never met a single Scorpio who is interested in wasting time." Amen to that My Brother!!

                With a wink n' nod...
                • Life is waaaaaaaayyyy tooo short!
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Flint , well said
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                      When or where does the distinction point come for you? When is a human uniqueness or difference in attitude and approach still compatible or beyond that for you? This is a question for anyone who feels into sharing.
                      • thats thinking too much.

                        scorpios just know.

                        what do YOU think of those questions? we are knowing where we are coming from - so share where you are coming from. After all, we are not here to be psycho analyzed as scorpios, but to talk back. We ain't petri dishes.
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                          Who do you mean by "we"? Of course people are unique, and it is not the same for everyone. I too am a "scorpio" sun, along with many other planets in scorpio in 8th house. Yes, much of the time I just know, can feel it.
                          Questioning and offering subject of mutual exploration and discussion is not implying we are petri dishes. Not to me, anyway. It is simply a question, neutral to constructive in its intent & essence. Fluid process of balancing feelings with mental & spiritual exploration. Integrating them has merits.

                          Currently I am reassessing some feelings related to discernment and why I feel them. And it can be worthwhile sometimes to question what my feelings are arising from. The process is mostly feeling, intuitive and not always well suited to verbal descriptions. Yet attempting to do so, and sharing exploration of related aspects of consciousness with others as we do through groups and posts like these can also offer additional reflection, awareness and inspire new or refreshed insight into our own & others feelings. Foundations of them.

                          While much of the time I feel very clearly in tune with my core feelings and healthy, I am still learning where some of my feelings are arising from at times.Balancing respect for myself and others equally, where there seems to be inclination to more consideration for others or where more self-absorbed.

                          Certain feelings I experience tend to orient responses and thoughts according of their origins. When I am feeling challenged by seemingly conflicting feelings, for instance my own needs relative to deeply loving someone I am close with and feeling there may be a difference, but I am not sure, this can involve a more delicate process of following flow of feelings, thoughts and perhaps acquired assumptions which may have been original at one time. It would be easy if i only cared about myself ( which is not implying that is the case for others when they feel fully confident about their choices and options ) and did not consider anothers' feelings who may be hurt by what some of my feelings infer. But I do care, and am exploring how to be and relate even more authentically and clearly.

                          One of the most valuable qualities to me is being authentic, true and honest with myself, and those I share close relationships with. Equally mutually, for others to be self respecting and authentic as well. Makes relationships much clearer and loving I feel.
                          • i always wondered why you didn't feel i had enouph 'water' in my sign to join YOUR 8th house astrology club. You sure were a snob about refusing me entry.

                            your questioning never ends, nor are you very tolerant when your ideas are Actually challenged. Thats why i am not engaging in your rephrased petri dish questions. So go work on that discernment, and ask questions when you acquire some. You make no effort to question too much. Thats why you started your 8th house tribe - cause you would never stop with the questions, and become condescending when people got tired of it.... told us all to lump it, and denied and selected as your mood struck ya, for entry to your precious 8th house club. So what i want to know - is why you are not asking THEM about it.? New mod here, so you thot you could play your old games? And this really is not asking you to rephrase your questions AGAIN.! Your as arbitrary as the next person, but you did not inherite the scorpio directness, rather the passive aggressive side.
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                              Wow Flint, sorry you are taking such a hostile attitude toward something that does not exist. And toward another persons free will right to make a group dedicated to people with a common trait, such as water sun signs. That is not snobbish, simply a free choice and right. Nor does it imply any disrespect or arrogance toward people who do not share water sun signs, just an innocent and curious desire to have a space among the many, many other tribes with different focus, to communicate, share and experience relating with people who share the water sun sign elemental energies.

                              If I denied your membership into the Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Sun Sign tribe it would have likely been because your astological sun sign was not a water sign. Sorry you take that discernment as a personal insult. It is not.

                              True, I do question alot. I did not realize that disturbs your sense of what another person should be like to conform to your preferences. So I will continue to not expect you to do the same in your own personal life. But neither will I change what works for me in ways to conform to your ideas of what people should be like.

                              I am tolerant, but I also have feelings and opinions, as apparently do you. What you are specifically referring to I have no idea. If you were ticked off because you or someone else "challenged" a feeling or perspective I may have expressed, which I did not change my feelings or truth to believe like you prefer I do, I dont know what to say to that. When something makes sense, or feels like there is truth in it for me which I can authentically agree with enough to personally follow in my own life then I do. Instantly or gradually. And if not for me, as long as it does not hurt or deceive another person I am supportive of others having other opinions and lifestyles as long as they do not attempt to convince me I am wrong if I choose differently for my own life. I am sure there have been times I have been more stubborn and short-sighted in my life, as I have made mistakes and am always learning.

                              But the acidic hate you are spewing at me has no basis in this thread or relative to my intention or what I meant by what I wrote here. Yes, I ask questions as well as express feelings, opinions or whatever feels like a possible contribution to discussion. Though I am fully understanding that not everyone will feel the same as I do about a particular issue or feeling, some may hopefully find something of interest or worthwhile in exchanges, as do I reading others contributions much of the time.

                              • don't give yerself the credit of acidic hate.

                                you just start these huge, non stop quest fests, and statement fests

                                ""If I denied your membership into the Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Sun Sign tribe it would have likely been because your astological sun sign was not a water sign. Sorry you take that discernment as a personal insult. It is not. "

                                see, this is why it is silly and futile to have these long conversations you try to trap people into - you don't cognitively function correctly. I can't get much more scorpio if i tried. Never could understand what you don't get on that one.

                                so, cut the book length monologues. whatever the subject, you end up filling up the thread with huge page long monologues until someone gets frustrated or everyone abandons a well flogged horse.

                                so carry on now... :)
                                • or, a simpler way to put it -

                                  you generally don't join a discussion, you come in questioning everyone. with long monologues. you don't join the flow of a conversation, you just put a speed bump in the flow. This is not the first time you have had this discussion, and i am not the first you've had it with. :)
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                                    Sometimes I do question. If that is a speed bump to you or others, sorry I or others do not always continue following flows of feeling and thinking of topics exactly how you prefer them to go. Questioning is something I find can be respectful. My questions you are attacking are asked because I am genuinely interested and respect, even if I may not always agree, what others feel and want to share.

                                    If people interpreted my asking the question above as an insult or an expression preemptively discounting the personal choices and feelings relative to my above contribution to the fluid flow of the topics subject, that would simply be a misunderstanding of the motivation of my question.

                                    One aspect which I agree with, is that I do tend to write posts too long sometimes. Or more specifically, I could use to include more paragraph breaks to make it more readable. For some people that can be annoying. And apparently for some people it has been and is enjoyable and thought provoking. Depends on ones attitude, beleifs & inclinations, apparently.

                                    I have also received many private messages from tribe members in response to posts in this tribe over the past few years who thanked me for making posts which apparently you find not fitting your ideas of how I should feel, write or think.

                                    That is something several members from this tribe wrote to me apologizing for other people like Flint being hostile about what I wrote. They mentioned, unsolicited, that they really liked what I wrote and they found it valuable and not deserving of the hostility such as you or others have responded with, Flint. But a couple people did also said it would be helpful if I use paragraph breaks to make it more readable.

                                    So I am trying to do this. I express feelings and ideas differently than you or some others, Flint. I understand and agree with that. Does not make you or me wrong or worth attacking.

                                    I am finished with this avenue of discussion Flint, as nothing I wrote before was at all an attack or intended disrespectfully toward anyone, including you. I have now responded to the issues you brought up honestly and clearly. How you choose to interpret and respond is your private experience from now on, unless there is something more respectfully brought up and relevent.
                              • Unsu...
                                As far as me not being direct, I am being vague in some respects about my situation and thus the question perhaps, out of respect to the person and relationship I am writing about. And this "passive agressiveness" you interpreted, is not such as there is no malice whatsoever in my question, simply an interest in opening a space for people to share their feelings & insights about such sometimes confusing areas of consciousness and relating. But as I do not want to get too specific and make it about me specifically for the sake of the topics usefulness for other people, and respect for privacy of the person and relationship I am having challenges in knowing what to do.

                                If that is too personal, or too vague for people here feel free to ignore my post.
                                For those who can feel and understand that my intention is not the convoluted misinterpretation Flint is projecting, maybe what I wrote could be of some interest or at least neutral contribution? And the questioning would be understood as just that. Does not mean of course that I would automatically agree with anything anyone says, as likely many people would not automatically agree with whatever I feel or interpret for their own lives.
                                • You were escourted out of this tribe more than once, for these silly, non stop 'projecting' discussions. And by more than one moderator.
                                  • Unsu...
                                    "You were escourted out of this tribe more than once, for these silly, non stop 'projecting' discussions. And by more than one moderator."

                                    Okay, for making such false statements Flint I will respond for clarity.
                                    No, I was never told to leave this tribe by an active moderator. Aside from by a couple members who were offended that I did not admit them to the tribe I created as a space specifically for people with water sun signs. Because they did not match that aspect which the tribe was created specifically for, nor did they respect the rights of the members in that tribe who asked me to keep it for just water sun sign born people.
                                    That is our right. I also obviously enjoy relating and sharing with people of all astrological elements. Having the space to do both when desired is valid. If people want to create a tribe for just earth, air or fire element sun or other signs, I have no problems with that. I respect their rights to do so.

                                    And no it is not because I or others believe we are better than people with sun signs of different elemental qualities.
                                    Just that the qualities are unique, and for its own merits exercising our freedom to have a space, even if virtual, where we can experience relating where that shared experience is a focused container has its value and appeal at times.
                                    • Just curious, Arron, have you posted these questions in your 8th house tribe?

                                      What have your responses been like?
                                      • Unsu...
                                        Not this exact question yet, no. But that is also a good idea. Thank you.
                                        I was hoping for perspectives from people of all astrological elements, too.
                                        • Unsu...
                                          So there is clarity about my intention, I mean this as a simple curiosity and clarification if applicable -you and I think another referred to my 8th house tribe. Do you mean that literally? As there is an actual 8th house tribe, but I did not create or and have never moderated it. Just the Cancer,Scorpio & Pisces Sun Sign tribe.
                                          • haha, the one you don't let scorpios and cancers into! your funny. have a good day with all that talking.

                                            anyway, back to topic:

                                            • My all time old love making song:

                                              Big Sky Country

                                              Now when this over
                                              Over and through
                                              And all them changes have come and passed

                                              I wanna meet you in the big sky country
                                              Just wanna prove, mama, love can last, yeah.
                                              Like hallelujiah in the big sky country,
                                              Just like forever and ever is why.
                                              Be getting over in the big sky country,
                                              Big kissing time, kissing time goodbye.

                                              God knows it's all been done,
                                              and let me tell you why.

                                              Cause you held my number,
                                              you held my name,
                                              you held my body through the thick and thin,

                                              On a bed of roses in the big sky country,
                                              Spread out to love you, love you in your second skin
                                              Like hallelujiah in the big sky country,
                                              Just like forever and ever is why.
                                              Be getting over in the big sky country,
                                              Big kissing time, kissing time goodbye.

                                              Hallelujiah, mama, razzle-dazzle,
                                              from the cries that got lights all over the place,
                                              Hallelujiah, I mean, Lordy, hallelujiah
                                              If I can only come around once and see your face.
                                              So just watch them lovers out on parade.
                                              Watching lovers while they slip and slide.

                                              They gonna prove it to the big sky country,
                                              Just gonna prove it while the whole world collides,
                                              Like hallelujiah in the big sky country,
                                              Just like forever and ever is why,
                                              Be getting over in the big sky country,
                                              Big kissing time, kissing time goodbye.

                                              Maybe I'll make up in the big sky country,
                                              Be just like lovers, and love is why.
                                              When we hold over till the big sky country.
                                              Big kissing time, kissing time goodbye.
                                            • Unsu...
                                              I have not knowingly refused entry to cancer, scorpio or pisces sun sign members unless they ignored the tribes rules about having a flushed out profile with their own photo in their profile to help weed out spammers and people not respecting the tribes focus. Why would people want to join a tribe with a focus different than what they respect? I never forced anyone to do that.

                                              Otherwise there may have been some mistakes made when selecting membership requests as sometimes the system hangs and request selection may have been processed incorrectly. Aside from that, there may have been one or two members with water sun signs I did refuse membership to as they were constantly harassing other members and flaming the creation of the tribe I made but then requesting membership in it.
                                              • oh stop with this b.s.
                                                my profile is always filled out. And there is never a picture of me lacking!

                                                and i even sent ya my chart, mister man,

                                                but you just strait out refused. wrote me back to tell me so. not the type of scorpio you want being heard in your tribe.

                                                ya did it to a cancer too, i read the letter. so why don't we move along in conversation now? please refer to my posted chart if you have
                                                any more silliness to repeat.

                                                Happy thots and sunbeams!

                                                Back to topic!

                                                Sweet Thing
                                                • Unsu...
                                                  Sorry Flint, but I do not remember what you are talking about. If I did intentionally refuse, than I can assume there was a solid reason for it. Sorry you have held on to such hostility about it for so long. Obviously you have been seething about this for some time, as your response to my above post in this thread was strangely out of proportion. In fact, out of context.

                                                  What was the specific reason I wrote for not accepting your membership request? Unless you came at me with such out of the blue hostility before, were critical about the structure of the CSP tribe, were not born with a water element sun sign or had an incomplete profile at the time, it would have been out of character for me to have not accepted your membership request. I am only asking because this apparently really, really bothers you even over a year later. And when I joined this thread a few days ago there was no memory of my having anything against you personally.

                                                  Maybe I just forgot? I have been know to forget things. Or simply grow beyond less conscious attitudes and actions I have done in the past.

                                                  If you can copy and paste with the original date the message I sent you denying your membership request, that would help clarify rather than continuing to spew such brazen malice at someone who did not start doing that to you in this thread, and as far as I remember ever.

                                                  But again, I have been judgemental, or at least sounded so at times I admit, and perhaps I did so unfoundedly with you before?.
                                                  If I did or made such a mistake, then I genuinely apologize.

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