To be Chased or Doing the Chasing, That is the Question.

topic posted Tue, May 15, 2007 - 3:52 PM by  Remi Love
Do Scorpio men specifically love when someone seduces you to get your affection or do YOU prefer chasing your "prey"? Both? Secondly, do you guys love women who are hard to get? I mean someone who you cannot figure out at first. Thanks.
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Remi Love
New Jersey
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    Yes, seduce him. I've seduced women before and women have seduced me. It confirms the attraction. Every guy loves hard to get, in anyway. This builds the mystery and they will desire you more.

    BUT always be true to yourself. And always be honest to him. Say what you feel and live by it. Don't make it into a game of lies, that makes the chase disapointing.
  • With the Scorpio, you have no option but to let him take the reigns! I've never been seduced like I have a Scorpio, and regardless of the fact that I consider myself a dominant woman, I can't even compare to him in his desire to call me out on He's all up on you in every aspect hun.... This is just my opinion coming from a girl raised by Scorpio (father scorp sun and moon and both male grandparents scorp sun/moon) and seduced by another Scorp. stellium guy.

    Don't push too hard, make it easier for him to snatch you rather then getting all up on his ***....... he'll respect you more for being a lady for one and yes they Looooove the chase! Only feed him kibbles don't even give in to anything.... Scorpios are crazy. ~Simply put!!

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