differences between scorpio women and scorpio men

topic posted Tue, September 19, 2006 - 8:03 AM by  piksee
just wondering about this...

i have been doing a lot of reading about the differences b/w men and women - especially commuication styles.

any thoughts?
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    Tue, September 19, 2006 - 9:06 AM
    Scorpio is a 'feminine'/yin/receptive sign ~ obviously this has little to do with physical gender, but depending on the individual & the immediate society/social group that the person identifies with, the ease with which the person embraces & utilizes the specific qualities of the Scorpio Sun sign can depend on how comfortable the person is with expressing their own 'feminine side' ~

    I have often heard that female Scorps tend to be 'better adjusted' & therefore less 'nasty' (obviously from the point of view of a non-Scorp), but I think this comes from the tendancy (& mainstream socialization) of women to be more in touch with their 'feminine side' ~ a gross generalization, but one that can be pretty safely made, none the less ~

    with male Scorpios (Sun sign ~ remember this is only a small slice of an entire astrology chart) the added 'friction' with societal expectations can add to normal, everyday frustrations ~ leading to other people experiencing a 'shorter fuse' when dealing with them

    personally, I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion by people who are looking for a "bad guy/girl" to project their own difficulties onto & Scorpios of both genders usually don't shy away from such interactions, much

    love all-ways,

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      Tue, September 19, 2006 - 4:45 PM
      I don't think there is a difference. but there are bad and good scorpio's i have met the most sweetest gentle ones and the most vindictive awful ones. All and all i find that if you are good to a scorpio they will be good to you (friendship). Love is another story.
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        Wed, September 20, 2006 - 12:08 AM
        Dark,, I have been in 2 Scorp/Scorp relationships,,,,BEEN being the operative there! It is very intense, I am still good friends with one. That is a blessing, we have turned out to be better friends than lovers, and that is the ultimate salute to the both of us.

        My best friend is a Scorpio, 2 years and 1 week older, we have known each other since Oct. of 1975!! He is the one true person in my life, no bullshit no trips, just real truth, dignity, respect, honesty, trust and great Love for each other. He is a true soul mate!

        I am a blessed Woman on that count!!
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    Wed, September 20, 2006 - 9:43 AM
    I think the main difference would come along (like with most men) with how in touch they are to there feminine side. Especially growing up (if they had a mean type A father who beat them, or a hippy dad or even a mom that was very loving compared to a mom that was ignoring ect) Since Scorpios are very deep, it can be traumatizing for them at a young age, or very invogorating....

    Also, using sun signs only are much too vague.

    I am with a scorp now and it is amazing how different we are in some ways......but then again emotionally we are on the same page. Always learning from eachother...the main difference is that he is so much CALMER then me..but i blame it on all the fire in my chart..LOL.
  • i think the women is more flirtatious and open and loud...the men is more reserved, distant and impassive...
    • >>"i think the women is more flirtatious and open and loud...the men is more reserved, distant and impassive..."<<

      I would say no to that. That doesn't describe me or any of my Scorpio female friends (who come across as distant and reserved). I even have a Scorpio stellium, as well as an Aries moon--which should make me "open, flirtatious and loud." No, people don't really penetrate me until they have known me for a long time--at which point I am definitely flirtatious and open (that may be the Aries moon, though), but never loud. I come across as shy.

      I'm curious if you said this because this is your experience of yourself as a Scorpio woman? I think it depends on the whole chart, not just the sun sign.

      I think the main difference between Scorpio men and women is the fact that Scorpio men get all the attention! How many women on these tribes go on and on pining for, and adoring, the Scorpio man!? It's pretty insane. I've certainly liked Scorpio men as friends, but I've never had a romantic thing for/ with one. They are too much like me. Anyway, where are all the men pining for Scorpio women, I ask you? Non-existent. While tons of women seem to want brooding, Scorpionic men (not me, thanks, I have enough in myself), men generally do not seem to want a brooding, complex, mysterious, Scorpionic woman. It doesn't make any sense, but it's their loss. I'm certainly not going to change.

      There was one man once who constantly talked about how he liked that he couldn't tell what I was thinking, my reserve, my "mystery" (his word). I should have snagged him, because I think he is the only one on earth. (He was a brutally forthright Aries. Most ot the men who have liked me, and vice versa, have been Aries, come to think of it.) Anyway, that's the main difference btw Scorpio men and women--how much more attention they get, while our charms are either unappreciated or maybe kind of frightening. Who knows.
      • "While tons of women seem to want brooding, Scorpionic men (not me, thanks, I have enough in myself), men generally do not seem to want a brooding, complex, mysterious, Scorpionic woman."

        Agreed!! Scorpio women seem to be the only females on Earth I can actually tolerate. They're the only ones I know with any depth. Scorpio *men* are another story. I haven't gotten along with any of them, & I usually in general get along better with males than females.

        My experience of Scorpionic females (myself included) are that we are quiet & contemplative, but that still waters definitely run deep. We usually have issues we're working on, simply because we're not happy unless there's something to figure out. All of the other Scorpio women I know are real sweethearts, very concerned about people they care for.

        I can ONLY speak from my own experience, & my experience of Scorpio men has never been pleasant. Monopolize conversations, they've seen it all & done it all then wrote a book about it. I never identified with the trait that Scorps supposedly are "obsessed with sex" & I never got where that came from... & then I met some Scorpio males.
      • im a cappie sun, scorpio rising nc cappie moon
        im certainly not describing myself as flirtatious and open and loud...but my scorpio girlfriends are...and i think scorpio women are popular with the opposite sex :) their mysterious appearance is what makes them intriguing!
        • scorpio men get all the attention?! what?! i can't speak for other scorpio males, but i find that women are intimidated by me, or maybe just plain fucking scared of me. the stare & the silence do not get me laid at all here in the midwest. i guess every once in a while i'll find out some girl or other thinks i'm cute or whatever, but it's always kinda this 'oh yeah, i had a little crush on you 4 years ago' type of thing. what good does that do me now? maybe i need to get the fuck outta here. where are all these women at that you're talking about who love scorpio men so much?
          i personally would have no problem being involved w/a scorpio woman. i'm not gonna not date a woman because of her sign. i just haven't known any. at least not that i know of.
          well, actually, i might shy away from an aries at first, but i'd give her a chance to redeem herself before i completely dismissed her. the worst relationship i ever had was w/an aries. only time i've ever been cheated on. of course, it was also the best in some ways. best sex i've ever had. umm, & i'm sure there was something else good about her...

          uhh, so yeah, back to the important part of this response--where are these women who love scorpio men so much?
          • Dave,

            They are all over this tribe, and the main astrology tribe. Do a search and you'll find several threads moaning on about Scorpios. It's always irritated me (though, considering all the Scorpio I have, it's not because I'm bashing, I just think it's hilarious how over-glorified the sign is sometimes).

            Also, unfortunately, I have a sudden, big crush on a Scorpio male right now that I hardly know, so it's hard for me to be the voice of reason concerning Scorpios anymore. I never thought I'd be attracted to one--though I try not to make sun sign generalizations. He doesn't seem like a Scorpio except when I've noticed him quietly watching (that plutonic gaze). I just want it to go away, as it can never happen. It's the biggest, most sudden, most senseless crush I've had in a long time. It doesn't make me glorify the Scorpio male, as this one's not stereotypical, but I wonder if his Scorpio nature is part of what makes me feel this utter terror that I could lose myself in this person, or experience a horrible, unrequited love from afar. Help! I really can't play around with feelings that won't ever turn into something concrete. I want it to go away. So now I'm disliking Scorpio men for another reason--apparently some of them have the power to inadvertently steal my heart, and just go about their business. Help. I don't know what it is about this man that makes me feel like he's an abyss threatening to swallow me up, but I don't think that's a positive when I can't see how a relationship could ever develop. Scorpio men: either I'm completely indifferent or this happens. Either way it's bad. This feeling is terrible, and I don't even know what is so great about him.
            • Wow. . . I didn't mean for that to sound so dire. I'm actually "handling" my crush by trying to talk myself out of it. I figure that maybe I can use my own Scorpio to manipulate myself out of my feelings and attraction. The outcome will just depend on whether my Scorpio self-manipulation is more powerful than his Scorpio seducing me. Considering that I have a ton more Scorpio than him (yes, like a good Scorpio, I surreptitiously looked up his chart after I found out his birthday, which I actually do if I find out anyone's birthday), you would think I would be the victor.

              Still, I think it's that I *sense* there's an abyss there that could swallow me up in pleasure and pain, and that's terrifying. I guess I'm just going to have to work really hard to manipulate myself out of this one. My best tactic is to try to make myself believe things about him that likely aren't--but maybe are--true, and that instantly obliterate my attraction to a person--like being shallow, empty and completely materialistic (I try to ignore the fact that most Scorpios just aren't the first two things). If only I could see evidence that he's been mean to animals, the elderly, or children in the past, then I could really be free.
              • excuse me nancy, but you seem to be making an art out of talking yourself out of relationships. how do you KNOW that this one couldn't work?
                • Re: differences between scorpio women and scorpio men

                  Sun, December 17, 2006 - 11:53 AM
                  Thank you, Steve. That's kind of you to be the voice of reason. I don't KNOW that this couldn't turn into a relationship or be something, there are just outside factors that put some obstacles in the way--so it makes it unlikely. I also have no idea what he feels towards me, except a certain friendliness. Whatever will be will be. I am not trying to be defeatist about it; it just is unlikely, though not impossible. Also, my sudden enamored feelings for him terrify me.
  • In my experience ... the women are more ruthless/cunning and self-serving i'm afraid to say ... (this isnt a sexist remark so much just as the sign's profile rearing it's feminine head...)
    • hoo boy, that's begging for it.
      i can remember a time when i held such beliefs about capricirn women, but dude, before you're drawn and quartered here i'd lke to gently suggest that you're suffering under a subjective illusion. of course it might look that way through your because you have distinctly different interests invested in your respective relationships with one and the other. your statement can be fliped and flopped back and forth between the genders and across half the signs FOREVER. I'm sure that you believe that wasn't a sexist deduction, but i dare say that no matter how innocent you feel in your observation, it was distorted through the lenses of your gonads.
      anyway, scorpios don't typically confess their motives, so there's no hope of ever proving your point. the only reason to try is for the sport of winning contempt.
      • SOrry the P-C alarm is going off !!!

        Run !
        • Unsu...
          I am a Scorpio with a Scorpio Stellium and I just don't know that we can generalize about any particular sign. I've known people who were not scorpios and were RUTHLESS! I'm talking down right demons! So JEALOUS/ENVIOUS that they would stop at nothing! Aries, Cancers....the list goes on.

          How come Scorpios have such a bad rep? What's up with that? I'm pretty much like someone else described a scorp male friend; "no bullshit --no trips, just real truth, dignity, respect, honesty, and trust..." with a fantabulous sense of humor kinda scorp. BUT as a friend once said "I would never want to be on your poo-poo list. Your tongue becomes a sword and you totally block them completely out of your life". Other than that; I'm good!
          • scorpio is more tenacious than most signs and also more interested in underlying issues and causes --setting deeper boundaries of fair play than many people find tolerable.
            • I agree with setting deeper boundaries of fair play than many people find tolerable.

              I found the scorpio i use to like wanted to know detailed what i had been up to all day and who the people are i was seeing. And considering that i am very honest when i would answer him it was a straight answer and he would calm right down. I remember the time he asked me a question about something and i answered vaguely because it was unimportant and didn't feel like talking about it, and he quietly began to fall apart. His whole face changed, I think he thought since i was being vague i was doing something terrible, although we were not in a relationship in his mind i was cheating on him.

              However in the end, i didn't mind telling him the truth and he began needing less and less of an explaination, though he needed an explaination always.

              • when you're as intense and capable of such intense darkness then your imagination will always be able to come up with things that are far worse than any truth. Maybe that is why we are so concerned with honesty.
                • "To you Scorpio I give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the minds of men, but I do not permit you to speak about what you learn. Many times you will be pained by what you see, and in your pain you will turn away from Me and forget that it is not I but the perversion of My Idea that is causing your pain. You will see so much of man that you will come to know him as animal and wrestle so much with his animal instincts in yourself that you will lose your way; but when you finally come back to Me, Scorpio, I have for you the supreme gift of Purpose."
                  - Martin Schulman, from his "Allegory" of God speaking to his 12 children

                  We're all animals, scorpio just wants to identify the species.
  • i like what a lot of people had to say.. and especially diana..

    i think the reason scorpios in general get a bad rap is because of their intensity. this is not to say we are mean or indifferent or anything of that sort. it's just to say that i think of ALL the signs out there, scorpios like things kept real. PH**K all the bulls**t. let's just be real with each other.

    and for that? us scorpios get a bad rap.

    now so far as women and men? i just think any differences have nothing to do with the sign at all. i could be wrong, but all scorp women that i have ever met are just like me. and what i mean is, they carry the basic characteristics of a scorp. that's all.

    and so far as sex? maybe i'm wrong, but scorps usually rule the house of sex. look at any astrology reading and you'll find this to be true. but just because they do, that doesn't mean that scorp women are always flirtatious. just because someone wants something doesn't mean they're going to do compromise their values. as a matter of generality, i have found geminis to be much more flirtacious than scorps.

    anyways, that's just my two sense worth.

    all scorps out there, let's stick together.
    we get a bad name and we know better.
    they can't tear us apart .. don't even start.
    cause us scorps are go-getters!

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